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Similar to previous Chaos Pouches, but this one clips on! You still have the option of sliding it on to a belt if you choose, but this can be clipped to your bag, your belt, your pants, wherever handy! I think it looks great attached to a purse for those smaller items you don't want to dig around for. Wallet, passport, smokables, etc.

**Please see the XL Chaos Pouch if you are looking for something to fit your smartphone.**

Pouch is approx 4.5" by 6" black 5oz nubuck or similar velvet finished leather featuring 10-12 inches of hand cut fringe (these are made with what I have on hand, there will be some variation in texture from what is pictured here but the design elements remain the same)

- Jeremiah Watt chrome finish buckle and d-ring

- Hex spike and rivet detailed lid

- Heavy duty swivel trigger clasp and belt loop

Gnarbarian Chaos Pouch - Made To Order

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